Miye Zombi/I am a Zombie

Mama aliponizaa, alidhani kazaa mtu
Akanilea nikuwe
Akanifunza ili niwe
Binaadamu si jiwe
Bali mara akazuka –
Nduli akaja nitwaa!

When my mother gave birth to me
She thought she’d brough a human being
To this challenging world
She brought me up
And taught me how to behave
As a human being and not an animal
But then came a monster and took me away!


British brutal aggression against Zanzibar

By Riadh Al Busaidi

The attack on the Sultanate of Zanzibar by the British Navy in 1896 has always been referred to as the “shortest war” in human history. This is a misnomer because it was not a WAR but a brutal aggression against a sovereign state in order to force a regime change. Continue reading “British brutal aggression against Zanzibar”


30% West African, 1% Jew. Suprises From My DNA

No single human being is today geographically settled in a place where he used to be in 500 years ago. I was told this by my respected elder man, Professor Ibrahim Noor Sharif, some two years ago. He was trying to argue against those who opt for racial politics in Zanzibar, where the question of heritage and identity has been misused even in today´s politics. Continue reading “30% West African, 1% Jew. Suprises From My DNA”