Kati ya Pendo na Chuki/The Line Between Love and Hate

Kati ya pendo na chuki, pana mpaka mwembamba
Hata pima haufiki, ukiupima kwa kamba
Jana ulomuashiki, nyimboni ukamuimba
Leo bure humtaki, akitajwa unavimba

A line between love and hate is but so thin
Not even a yard if measured with thread
The one whom you yesterday desired –
For whom you sang all songs
Today, they are just rubbish 
And good for nothing


Mbona?/Why a U-Turn?

Mbona wesema husemi, na hivi umo wasema, kipi kikusemacho?
Ulisema husimami, kwako ni mbele daima, kipi kikurejeshacho?
Wesema husemi nami, tena kwa kunamba koma, leo kipi kikupacho?

You said you wouldn’t say anything
Yet now you do
What makes you do so?
You said you wouldn’t stop
Forward you would go
What makes turn back?
You said you wouldn’t speak to me
You even told me to behave
Why has now today prompted you –
Why are taking a U-Turn?

Soundtrack: Ally F. Juma


Siwachi Kusema: The Freedom Is Jailed

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‘Andamo’: A Young Traveller on Journey

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