Letter from Pemba: On Sheha Mpemba from Pemba

On August 2, 2021, CCM publicity secretariat announced that the MP elect of Konde Constituency, Sheha Mpemba, had resigned. According to the press release, the incumbent “resigned due to family pressure”. Mpemba’s resignation surprised CCM and opposition members alike because he abandoned the seat he had won through blood and sweat. 

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Zanzibar Reconciliation (Episode 2): A Chat With Ismail Jussa on the WHY

Apart from big questions on “the HOW” and “the WHEN” about Zanzibar Reconciliation, another most important question is “the WHY” of what they call Maridhiano in Kiswahili. In this chat, I am joined by Ismail Jussa, one of the few politicians who has been a part of almost every political reconciliation between polarised parts in Zanzibar.


Zanzibar Reconciliation (Episode 1): A Chat with Lawyer Awadh on the Controversy

The decision by ACT Wazalendo to join the Government of National Unity in Zanzibar after the October 2020 fraud elections has caused fierce discussions between supporters and opponents, both within and outside the party. In particular, this chat is about the debate between supporters of the decision in Zanzibar and the opponents from the main opposition party in Tanzania Mainland, CHADEMA. The former president of Zanzibar Law Society, Awadh Ali Said, joins me in the chat.