If insulting me will calm you a little bit down
If your soul will be relieved and soothed from pain
Then spit all your words on my face and never mind!

If pointing fingers at me gives you something
If wrath in you melts away and you slowly come down
Then get started right now until you’re done!

If ignoring me with worthless derogatory acts  –
Will make your heart forget the painful past
Then keep it up, so you could get some peace at last!

If offending me to my relatives, friends and neighbours –
Will wipe out the agony and free you from the miseries
Believe me, it wont weaken me, and I will take it for you to please!

If doing all that to me and adding others you believe –
Will tackle all the prejudices and break the negative
Do them to me right away, and you will find me very positive!

Mohammed Ghassani
6 January 2020

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