Mfalme Ana Pemba: The King Has Horns

Mfalme Ana Pembe: The King Has Horns is a political satire written in a different way compared to the last five poetry collections of Mohammed Ghassani. First, it has been divided into three categories or milango – a Swahili word that means doors. Second, each door is opened with a fairy tale that sums up the whole theme of the entire category. Third, before each poem, there is a list of the vocabulary and after each poem, there are some three questions that serve as a guidance to the interested readers.

The poem that bears the title of the book goes like this:

The king has horns, bigger than that of rhinos
That make him boastful, threatening to attack
Less we shut up, whenever he speaks
Us to be free, that he does not like!

mfalme ana pembe

Need to have your copy? Order it here for the paperback.

Or here for the kindle version.

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