Kalamu ya Mapinduzi: Aluta Continua

This is what Mohammed Ghassani writes as a dedication of this epic:

To the country that rose, then fell down before it stood up

To the people who came out, strongly united to defend their integrity
To the tear that poured down, until lastly dried up, crying for the destiny
To the blood that was shed, streaming like rivers, deep into the soil absorbed
To the sweat that wet the bodies, and the tired muscles, for the unfinished job
To the faces that smiled, and in happiness erupted, before being beaten by fears
To you all, O my noble people
This epic I write
In your memory
There shall be no turning back!

In his foreword, Professor Ibrahim Noor Shariff has this to say about the book and the poet:

This might be the first and unique collection of poems that openly say things that are normally hidden through writers’ tricks in some literatures. This openness, however, does not reduce the value of this work in terms of figurative languages and the intensity of ideas. It just simplifies it for the audience to reach it. Through this epic, Mohammed Ghassani is voicing up the urge for liberation, declaring war against injustice and inequality and, at the same time, vowing to carry on the fight until the end.

In kalamu ya mapinduzi: mapambano yanaendelea



Please make your order here for the paperback and here for the kindle version.

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