Siwachi Kusema: The Freedom Is Jailed

Expressing our thoughts is one way of communicating and communication is, itself, one of basic human characteristics. A person who does not communicate – or is made not to communicate – lacks something so significant to their well-being that is similar to their breathing.

It is through the power of expression that our humanity is attained. Therefore, it is a right so intertwined in us that we cannot be separated from. Allowing any person – no matter how powerful they are – to suffocate our freedom of expression is to sign our own death certificate. Whoever tries to do so, they have to be met with radical reactions, because we cannot afford that stupidity.

That is a message throughout this poetry collection, hammering every element that aims at jailing the freedom of people.

You, the Iron Fist
Listen to what I say
Things that annoy you
Things that anger you
Want to beat me?
Want to subjugate me?
Well, on you can go
But silent I won’t be
Never will I stop speaking!

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