Machozi Yamenishiya

Machozi Yamenishiya: The Epic of Mohammed Ghassani

On the Introduction of this book, Professor Said A.M. Khamis, who has also edited the manuscript, writes the following about the poet and his style of writing:

“Several years ago, Mohammed Ghassani sent me his manuscript to read, edit, write an introduction and then help him to get a publisher. The moment I started his first poem, I found myself taken hostage by his magic power of playing with words. Those simple and common words used in daily life, he was able to turn them into deep feelings and strong thoughts and, at the same time, sweetened them to let the heart swallowing them with pleasure and excitement. I knew, I have met a genius in Swahili poetry.”

Order your paperback here or if you are in East Africa, order here.

Order your kindle book here.

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