A Fisherman and His Sultan Friend: A Story of Shared Love for Sea Life in Pre-Revolution Zanzibar

Ali Salim Hamed, alias Kimwanga, is now in his 80s, old, sick and, above all, heart-broken. But half a century ago, he was a very ambitious young fisherman on the sea shores of Zanzibar Stone Town, not far from the seat of the Sultanate, where one day the sea adventure allowed him to befriend the last Sultan of Zanzibar, Jamshid bin Abdallah Al Busaidi,  who was known for his love for fishing and hunting.

The two, says Ali, became so much acquainted that the Sultan took effort to visit him at his poor sub-urban street of Kisima Majongoo, and even went to watch movies together. Then, while on Ali’s trip to Pemba, the revolution came into the picture and, like it did to many others’ dreams, it too destroyed Ali’s and Sultan’s friendship.

Have a look, share and let me have your say!

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